I'am jishnunadh.

I’m a  Digital Marketing Freelancer. Ready to collaborate With   real and honest business owners .

digital marketing strategist in kerala

About me

digital marketing strategist in kerala

My name is, jishnunadh and I am a freelance  Digital Marketer . Proudly belong into  kozhikode ,kerala and working with people  from around the glob. I’ve been started my carrier in calicut digital accademy as a digital marketing student . I  work with small and medium sized businesses as well as collaborate with agencies and freelancers. I’m here to help you take around digital marketing , to deliver honest results.


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Hubspot certified

seo specialist in calicut kerala

BBA in finance

digital marketing strategist in kozhikode

Years of Relevant Work Experience

freelance digital marketer in calicut

Creative, Smart-worker & Tech-savvy



The main advantage of Internet Marketing is that a targeted audience can be reached in a cost-effective and measurable way. Other advantages includes.

1. world wide online Reach And Visibility

Even a small town business with an online store can reach an international audience that fits its target customers  all over the world. The online accessibility has opened many advance opportunities for traditional businesses to explore.

2. Effective Targeting

Every  business have their on targeted audience to reach out their products,with digital marketing it help’s for business campagins and  product awareness .

3. Speed

Companies using online advertising can reach as many visitors as their budgets allow fast. When using methods that involve online advertising strategies like  Google Ads, or LinkedIn Ads, you can reach your target viewers very quick .

4. Cost

Online advertising is a cost-effective form of marketing. Using online advertising methods to promote your business, whether local, international, small, or large, the strategy offers a cost-effective way to raise your business.

5. Analytics And Optimization

In online advertising, everything, like actions and strategies, can be measured and therefore optimized for better results. Measuring everything makes optimizing plans more accurate, and any possible mistakes can be fixed sooner rather than later.



A method known as “content advertising” was established to create consistent, valuable, and pertinent information for a particular target.


You can deliver a marketing message to your current and potential customers with email advertising. It promotes the development of loyal and effective relationships with customers.


An appropriate website  signs a  good  business. knowing every face of your  businesss is helpful .I’ll work with you to create a website that appeals to your company objectives



The Process of improving website traffic through search engine optimization (SEO) involves optimising the website naturally. It improves your website’s ranking .


Through  paid advertising techniques, websites are promoted through search engine marketing (SEM). When a user types in a applicable keyword, Google will display our search advertising at no cost to us.


A incredible technique to promote your business  through social media marketing (SMM). If you are not in Facebook or Instagram, you missed your chance. These t social media networks may help your business succeed in stunning ways.


 Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any queries or suggestions.